Letter - Yan Jin

Dear someone,

I’ve heard that you are addicted to gaming, to the extend that you play it day and night, with your studies being affected. Your results have been dropping drastically, and your parents, friends, teachers and everyone around you have been worried that games have been controlling your life.

Although I agree that sometimes we have to play games to relief stress from reality and let us rest and enjoy life, we cannot let it control our lives. The characters in game and the game itself will tempt you to continue on playing, but you need to know how to prioritise your time.

Here are some ways to try to stop gaming addiction. Firstly, try to finish your work before you start playing games. That way, at least you’ll get work done. Secondly, start a day planner so you know how to prioritise your time. Lastly, if your friends start to introduce you to a new game, don’t start, because if you don’t start, you won’t get addicted.

Best regards,
Someone else

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