Letter - Lucas Chia

Dear *insert name here*

I have started noticing that you are withdrawing yourself from all your friends and spending less time together with your fellow classmates. In addition to that, I have also noticed that you are getting tired easily in class and constantly struggling to stay awake. Being your close friend, I have noticed that you have begun talking more about video games, to the point where it is the only thing that you think about. I believe that you are becoming a victim of gaming addiction. I know that you would not agree with me but the first step to solving a problem is by admitting you have a problem. Remember, I am here to work with you, not against you, to solve your problem.

There are many ways that can help you solve your problem. For example, you can go outside and exercise with friends instead of sitting cooped up inside a tiny, claustrophobic room playing Fifa with people you don't even know. Virtual soccer is drastically different from soccer in real life and it is better to actually have talent in playing real soccer instead. The same goes for your virtual farming in Farmville and Guitar Hero. You are better off spending your time learning the real skill itself instead of wasting it playing video games.

Remember, I am always here for you and feel free to call me when you need somebody to lean on.


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