in all sincerity

dear bob :
it has recently come to our attention that your excessive amount of gaming has disrupted your learning process to an invariably doubtable level, momentarily skipping sessions for more entertainment time.. as of such, we have reached an unanimous decision: to (somehow) convince and coerce you into returning into your norm.

like most, the overly entertaining / copiously addictive way of interacting with 16-bit worlds would be normally considered as a result of excessive drugs, but truthfully it is the game itself that would cause such possesed behaviour of of such we would like to instruct you- bob - to cease such strange behavior.

firstly , it has been adversely affecting your abilities to reasonably arrive to the institute of education on time, affecting your highly praised progress of education, and your fellow peers to be extremely anxious for your sanity- and has also mae your father and mother be worried of your piety to them- staying at the local webservice provider or ecafes to pinnacle for greater internet speed.

due to such conditions, we would like you to accept our plea for your tender loving care for your parents, peers and the class.

for your well being,
the class of 203

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