1. This is because it will detect our country’s future
  2. We should look at the news

GE Reflections - Bernard Ng

1. We should be aware of this as we are choosing the future leaders of our country, and they will either make or break us in the years that they will take care of us.

2. We should read the newspaper more often, and also look out for different platforms that these info is released, like the time the PAP had a webcam chat with the crowd to answer questions the people had.

General Elections - Reflection

1. Why do we need to be aware of and be concerned about national events such as the General Elections?
National events affects the whole nation, so it is important to be aware of what is happening in the country that we are living in.

2. How can you keep yourself informed about such national events?
I can keep myself informed by watching the news, listening to the radio or by reading the newspapers.

our thoughts about the general election

-insert forced positive statement about GE here-

Letter - Lucas Chia

Dear *insert name here*

I have started noticing that you are withdrawing yourself from all your friends and spending less time together with your fellow classmates. In addition to that, I have also noticed that you are getting tired easily in class and constantly struggling to stay awake. Being your close friend, I have noticed that you have begun talking more about video games, to the point where it is the only thing that you think about. I believe that you are becoming a victim of gaming addiction. I know that you would not agree with me but the first step to solving a problem is by admitting you have a problem. Remember, I am here to work with you, not against you, to solve your problem.

There are many ways that can help you solve your problem. For example, you can go outside and exercise with friends instead of sitting cooped up inside a tiny, claustrophobic room playing Fifa with people you don't even know. Virtual soccer is drastically different from soccer in real life and it is better to actually have talent in playing real soccer instead. The same goes for your virtual farming in Farmville and Guitar Hero. You are better off spending your time learning the real skill itself instead of wasting it playing video games.

Remember, I am always here for you and feel free to call me when you need somebody to lean on.


Addiction Letter - Nur Nadiah

Dear (Someone),

I am writing to you regarding your gaming addiction. I have noticed that it is very tough for you to get your work done as you are always distracted by computer games. I am very concerned about you as you keep on procrastinating your work. Your addiction will actually affect your whole life if it is not stopped. When you procrastinate, you are neglecting your social life with others. You spend less time with your family and this leaves a very negative impact on yourself as well as your family members.

Gaming addiction is really something that is unhealthy for your mental as well as physical health. You neglect your sleep, and this deprives your body of the rest it needs. You are also spoiling your eyesight as you stare at the computer screen for hours consecutively. Other than that, you are depriving yourself from living your life to the fullest. The hours you spend on gaming could have been spent on education and engaging with the people around you.

To snap out of your addiction, there are a few things you could do. Distract yourself by engaging with your community. For example, be a volunteer to help the elderly, read books or simply ask your family members to spend time with you. This way, you would get your mind off gaming and eventually you would be able to snap out of your addiction.

If it is not effective, you can ask your family members to keep the games or the computer away from your sight. However, I do not really recommend this method as you are putting your temptations on hold and when you actually do see games and computers around, you would totally let go of all your temptations and your addiction would worsen.

I just want you to know that I care for you and that you can always seek help from me. Whenever you feel stressed about your addiction, you can always call, e-mail or meet up with me. I hope you would try your best to snap out of your addiction and always have a positive mindset. Remember, your addiction does not only affect you, but others too.

Yours Sincerely,

Nur Nadiah

Letter - Iskandar


The debate about the positive and negative effects of video game has been waged since video games have come on the scene. Each side of this debate tries to prove its case in what has become a battle for children's minds. For every positive trait video games may have, there is an equally bad negative trait. Video games can be linked to several extremely troubling social problems facing the community today. It is ultimately for you to decide, so here are some turning points for you to ponder on.


Video game usage has been linked to the problem of obesity in people. The longer people are sitting playing video games, the less likely they will go outside for exercise. Also, video games are not unlike television in that eating and drinking bad food almost go hand in hand with them. In order to make sure that this doesn't happen, monitor the length of time your people play video games and the food that they eat while doing it. Make them go outside if they are playing for too long.

Violent Tendencies

People (Teenagers for you) who play violent video games tend to blur the line about what is fantasy and what is acceptable in reality when it comes to violence. There have been several acts of deadly violence, such as the Columbine massacre, in which the perpetrator had played many hours of violent video games. Some people are not able to understand the difference between what is on the screen and what is reality.

Social Isolation

As people play video games for a longer period of time, they begin to lose socialization skills. They get so caught up in the video-game world that they no longer desire one-on-one human company. True, many video games allow the player to interact with other players via the Internet, but these other players become part of the game itself and there is no real contact between two bodies. Parents should look out for their people becoming increasingly withdrawn into the video-game world.

Drop in School Performance

Playing video games for long hours may cause people to neglect their studies. There is a correlation between time spent playing video games and the decline in academic performance. The video games act as an addictive substance that causes the user to neglect other areas of the his life. Parents need to monitor their grades and look for a connection with excessive video-game playing.

So I want to assure you that you stop this gaming habit as it may cause a huge impact on your life, and will be regrettable. I approve of playing Video Games, as we all need it, but not overly. It, like everything else, is bad when you have too little and too much of it.

Not Bob

Letter for addiction-Goh Jin Hao

Some of the reasons I play games are me needing to relieve some stress or if I am bored. I may also be addicted as the game may be too fun and I cannot stop playing. Addiction to games will waste my time as I do not only relieve stress but create more as I have really little time to do what is more important like completing my homework. It also causes more stress as I get stressed more with my parents stressing that I should not play too much games. Some of the ways I can fight my addiction for games is only allowing myself to play after I have completed what is more important like exercising and completing my homework or even spending more time with my family.

Letter - Yan Jin

Dear someone,

I’ve heard that you are addicted to gaming, to the extend that you play it day and night, with your studies being affected. Your results have been dropping drastically, and your parents, friends, teachers and everyone around you have been worried that games have been controlling your life.

Although I agree that sometimes we have to play games to relief stress from reality and let us rest and enjoy life, we cannot let it control our lives. The characters in game and the game itself will tempt you to continue on playing, but you need to know how to prioritise your time.

Here are some ways to try to stop gaming addiction. Firstly, try to finish your work before you start playing games. That way, at least you’ll get work done. Secondly, start a day planner so you know how to prioritise your time. Lastly, if your friends start to introduce you to a new game, don’t start, because if you don’t start, you won’t get addicted.

Best regards,
Someone else

in all sincerity

dear bob :
it has recently come to our attention that your excessive amount of gaming has disrupted your learning process to an invariably doubtable level, momentarily skipping sessions for more entertainment time.. as of such, we have reached an unanimous decision: to (somehow) convince and coerce you into returning into your norm.

like most, the overly entertaining / copiously addictive way of interacting with 16-bit worlds would be normally considered as a result of excessive drugs, but truthfully it is the game itself that would cause such possesed behaviour of of such we would like to instruct you- bob - to cease such strange behavior.

firstly , it has been adversely affecting your abilities to reasonably arrive to the institute of education on time, affecting your highly praised progress of education, and your fellow peers to be extremely anxious for your sanity- and has also mae your father and mother be worried of your piety to them- staying at the local webservice provider or ecafes to pinnacle for greater internet speed.

due to such conditions, we would like you to accept our plea for your tender loving care for your parents, peers and the class.

for your well being,
the class of 203

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